Time for that 2020 update...

We're taking a big step forward after all these years, wiping the old slate clean and updating the entire website, content, platform, the lot.  So you may see errors, omissions, odd photos missing or alignment issues while we ensure you get a good experience on any device, be it mobile, tablet or desktop.

Bear with, we're about to update and double checking business and services that we genuinely recommend or that come recommended by riders, not owners... unless ourselves or a trusted colleague has checked it out... we won't list it!

Cycle Clubs & Groups

We're club riders and road racers, so will always bang on about joining a club, improving your skills, supporting grass root racing... blah, blah, blah. So if we lost you at racing then importantly there are plenty of other riding groups listed for social, fitness or an excuse for pub crawling and knowing the interior of The Sheppy rather well.

Updating the entire site, so come back soon!

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